We are very lucky, and possibly unique among many new let alone contemporary classes, in having new keels available, complete with ballast bulb.

They are newly made, by the same foundry which originally supplied Anderson Rigden & Perkins.

The aim is to always have at least one keel available ‘ on the shelf ‘; this is not because a keel is likely to expire quickly or anything like that, but to aid anyone who requires this as a winter project, thus avoiding ordering and manufacturing delays.

Price is approximately £1,270 inc VAT – but this varies a little – ex works Faversham, Kent.

Please contact Andy Lawson for details using the contact form

Main hatch garages

These are now available, produced from the original Andersons mould and as shown in the ‘ Buyers Guide ‘ section.

A boon for keeping out any water sweeping the deck, but above all a perfect site for a 30 watt solar panel.

Price approximately £170 but ask

Contact  John Pollitt 07850 975479

Other mouldings

Anchor locker lids


Outboard well plugs

These are available as a bare moulding  – £ 96.00

Or with handle and Supermax Self Bailer drain fitted £ POA

+ postage from West Sussex

Contact Andy Lawson via the contact form

Original Build Fit-Out Plans

These are available as paper copies – 6-7 drawings, some A3.  Contact me as above for price and stocks.