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Anderson Affair, Race Trim

Anderson Affair, Race Trim

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The story of the Late Bob Salmon organising the first Mini Transat, then competing with ‘ Anderson Affair ‘.
The mention of the boat magically losing her keel and floating herself off the reef always made me dubious as even if the lifting wire should break, the pulley assembly would keep the keel in the boat; a while ago it was quietly confirmed to me that the keel was jettisoned, I don’t see any shame in that as it saved the boat.

Affair was shipped back after the race and displayed at Boat Shows ‘ as she was ‘ without any repairs, the bottom looked like it had been severely wire brushed, she’d been that close to the coral heads !  It was certainly a very good advertisement as to the boat’s strength.

The rudder pintle failure which led to her accident was almost certainly due to the use of old style copper bolts ( Andersons were a very traditional yard ) – now all boats have stainless steel fastenings and the whole rudder assembly is particularly strong.

A.Affair zoomed
Anderson Affair in much later times; she is now in Scottish waters in immaculate condition, her owner has restored much of the race trim, with the Anderson logo and large name graphics on the sides.




2 Other Andersons competed in later Transat races, ‘ Anderson Adventure ‘ and
‘ Spirit Of Talardy ‘.

Anderson Adventure

Another Transat boat, ‘ Anderson Adventure ‘ – apologies for the picture quality, that’s how it came to me – one can just make out the astrodome,  smaller windows and the shortened bow..

Anderson Affair had her bow restored to normal after the race but Adventure and Spirit of Talardy still have the modified short bow.



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